MoodMe's Emotion FanCam: Capture the Spirit of the Game

Unleash the Power of Emotion in Every Match!

What is Emotion FanCam?

Emotion FanCam is an innovative application designed to capture and highlight the raw emotions of fans at live events — the perfect tool for brands like the top beer companies that thrive on the passion and fighting spirit of sports fans.

Emotion FanCam takes the concept of a fan cam to a new level. Using advanced emotion detection technology, the app captures fans’ faces during live events, analyzes their expressions, and showcases the most emotive moments on the big screen. Whether it’s the joy of a goal or the anticipation of a close match, Emotion FanCam brings the crowd’s feelings to life.

Key Features

Dynamic Emotion Analysis: Utilizes a sophisticated Emotion SDK to analyze and score the intensity of seven different emotions, focusing on the happiness and enthusiasm of the crowd.

Interactive Display: Features a live podium display on the PC screen, ranking fans based on their emotion scores, with the ability to adjust the session duration for real-time engagement.

Enhanced Fan Experience: Offers options for augmented reality filters and stickers, adding a fun and personalized touch to the fan cam experience.

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We are at the exciting phase of assessing the market potential and gearing up for production. Your feedback and interest will shape the future of Emotion FanCam, making every event a celebration of emotion.

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