AR player platform

AR + Face AI experiences player
Publications & Analytics Platform

MoodMe created the AR Player to play any type of Face – centric AR experience, including Background Removal.

The AR Player is a Client-side framework that plays any AR experience and provides interactivity from user’s emotions and gender:

Rule-based experiences that adapt to the values of 7 emotions – as detected by MoodMe Emotions SDK – and the gender of the user.

Runs on: iOS (download demo) & Android.


  • a simple yet sophisticated tool that lets you create amazing experiences which are personalized by the user’s emotional reaction & demographics (we’ll soon add ethnicity & age.
  • gather emotional reactions & demographics to make data-driven decisions on what AR experiences to keep alive, what type of experiences to create, based on your users’ true preferences. Watch live analytics demo from MoodMe Mobile Demo.

MoodMe Platform empowers you to publish any AR experience with any publication time window. You can also remove or publish a new AR experience in 1 click.


  • Program publication timeframes for any AR Experience.
  • AR experiences can be modified in 1 click, without users needing to update their mobile App.


AR magic today, mundane tomorrow
Low personalization
Privacy concerns


Change the AR experience in 1 click based on objective analytics
Personalized by user’s emotions & gender
Edge unbiased AI: No Faces Stored. Diversity by design.


Easy to manage

  • Publish new AR filters in 1 click
  • Gather analytics on emotional reactions to objectivize content publication strategy
  • Platform as a Service

The Segment of One

  • Filters that adapt to your users’ tastes & demographics in real-time.
  • The segment of one: Write once: publish many.
  • Gone are the days of a dog ears filter for everybody on the planet!
  • Measure & remove filters that don’t work for a given demographics.

easy plugin

  • Runs anywhere: iOS, Android. Web (beta), desktop.

  • Back end as a Service: no headache with your AWS or Azure policies.
  • Privacy protection