background removals

Create fun engaging experiences. Immerse your users in a virtual universe.

MoodMe Background Removal (BGR) SDK allows substituting the real background by any image.

The background can be an image. Test it in our iOS Demo App or our Web Demo page.

To transform experiences into fully immersive ones, we just created a new breakthrough AI algorithm to substitute the background by a video.


  • Engaging: users are surprised when they get immersed in a fantasy world or exciting place.
  • Awesomeness: apply a video or a still image as virtual background.
  • Privacy: MoodMe processes all faces locally. MoodMe does not store faces, nor sends them to the Cloud.
  • Instantaneity: no delays, all processing is local.
  • Big Savings: Cloud APIs cost a lot at scale. In addition, you save a lot on bandwidth as you don’t need to upload videos to the Cloud.

Use Cases:

  • Video collaboration: virtual backgrounds for professional presentations & to leave your co-worker more at ease in WFH scenarios.
  • Brand activation: immerse users in branded experiences. Example: MoodMe for Fifa Club World Cup and Qatar Airways campaign.
  • Consumer Apps: increase retention with new innovative thematic & season experiences.
  • Sports: fan engagement: selfie in the stadium, with a player, on the pitch, or in the dressing room.