BERT: Brand Emotional

response technology

Brand Emotional Response Insights


Measure Customers’ Emotional Response to your Brand with Unbiased AI that respects their privacy.

Gather insights on how your customers engage with your brand.

Upload anonymized big data to MoodMe BERT platform. Analyze that!

Visualize customer reactions every 10th of a second while they interact with your brand online or in your stores.

Drill down by emotional reaction: what product triggered the happiest reaction? which store caused disgust or angriness?

Actionable insights enable you to take action immediately: remove a product from the shelves, get that sales rep out for a break!

Predict future responses to your products.


DOWNLOAD MoodMe App : AR experiences that gather your Emotional Responses


No integrated view of your Customers’ Emotional Journey
Lack of insights on customers experiences
Privacy concerns


Actionable insights from emotions and demographics.
Analyze custom reports by demographics, location, events & campaigns.
Faces’ privacy is respected: No faces stored.



  • Experiential marketing with Augmented Reality
  • Measuring instant response by Face Analytics
  • Big Data visualization & prediction


  • How your Customers respond to your messages
  • Response by Gender & Age
  • Analyse, filter, predict

Decision support

  • Branded web dashboard
  • Visualization of all data in 1 place
  • Simulation & prediction