emotion detection

Personalized experiences for the Emotion Economy

Customers experience insights: learn about their emotional journey.

Analyze their preferences to predict their responses.

Emotional intelligence for robots and IoThings? Yes, We Can.

MoodMe gives you a subtle understanding of people’s emotions: we detect 8 emotions – happy surprise afraid angry contempt (NEW) disgust sad & neutral – each on a scale of 0-100.

Our foundation is unbiased AI: algorithms with the same precision across genders, races, and ages.

MoodMe runs in real-time and analyzes up to 70 frames per second. MoodMe works with high accuracy even with low-quality pictures & poor lighting.

Data are anonymized and provided to you via APIs &/or stored on our Secure Servers, on Amazon AWS, for big data analytics.


  • Privacy: MoodMe processes all faces locally. MoodMe does not store faces, nor sends them to the Cloud.
  • Instantaneity: no delays, all processing is local.
  • Big Savings: Cloud APIs cost a lot at scale. In addition, you save a lot on bandwidth as you don’t need to upload videos to the Cloud.

Use Cases:

  • Video collaboration: measure teams engagement
  • Healthcare: insights on patients’ experience.
  • Smart digital signage: Learn about audiences’ preferences to adapt contents
  • CEX: Customer Experience Analytics in retail, smart cities, hospitals, banks, and hospitality.
  • Customers Insights focus groups. Deploy projects & gather results instantly with Web or Mobile.
  • Trade Shows & Conferences: Measure audiences’ sentiment