gender detection

Gather insights on your customers’ demographics: gender, age, and ethnicity. Learn about their preferences.

Predict their response to personalized experiences.

Robots and Machines with face intelligence and eQ adapt to your customers’ demographics to personalize their experiences.

MoodMe Gender detector has 99.7% accuracy in good lighting conditions.

Data are anonymized and stored on our Secure Servers, hosted by Amazon AWS, for data visualization and analytics.


  • Privacy: MoodMe processes all faces locally. MoodMe does not store faces, nor sends them to the Cloud.
  • Instantaneity: no delays, all processing is local.
  • Big Savings: Cloud APIs cost a lot at scale. In addition, you save a lot on bandwidth as you don’t need to upload videos to the Cloud.

Use Cases:

  • Video collaboration: measure the demographics & engagement of teams
  • Healthcare: insights on patients’ experience.
  • Smart digital signage: Learn about audiences’ preferences by gender and age group and adapt content to each segment.
  • Customer Experience Analytics in Retail Stores.
  • Customers Insights focus groups. Deploy projects & gather results instantly with Web or Mobile.
  • Trade Shows & Conferences: Measure audiences: how many people visited the booth, demographics, % returned, emotions