hand gesture

Hand gesture detection for touchless experiences

With Covid-19 pandemia, people have grown reluctant to touch almost anything outside of their homes.

Create touchless experiences where people can interact with a broad range of hand gestures in front of a kiosk, terminal or even a PC or smartphone.

MoodMe SDK runs on any platform.


  • Safety first: users can navigate any application with hand gesture.
  • Awesomeness: cooler than Minority Report as it supports a broader range of hand gestures.
  • Privacy: MoodMe processes all information locally. MoodMe does not store any image, nor sends them to the Cloud.
  • Instantaneity: no delays, all processing is local.
  • Big Savings: Cloud APIs cost a lot at scale. In addition, you save a lot on bandwidth as you don’t need to upload videos to the Cloud.

Use Cases:

  • Information Kiosks: let your customers interact in a safer & more comfortable way.
  • Brand activation: let users interact with your brand, try on your products virtually, without needing to touch a display.
  • Consumer Apps: increase engagement with new innovative man-machine interfaces.

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