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Let’s measure Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion!

GREG: Gender Race Engagement Gap.


We know the why and what but we continue to struggle with the how: corporations all over the world are still facing discrimination across gender, race, and age. Leading to fatigue, disparity, and uneven morale in the workplace. MoodMe provides objective and actionable insights on your gender, race, age, engagement gaps, and progress.

How engaged are your talents when collaborating?

Is there a gap between genders &/or races or age groups? How is progress?

You can’t improve it if you don’t measure it.

MoodMe Vimotions provides Engagement Insights in Video Collaboration.

MoodMe analyzes participants’ emotions, engagement & detects audience demographics with strict respect to Privacy.

Executives ask themselves how to position their organization as employers of choices to attract and retain talents.



Are co-workers of all genders evenly engaged?

How is engagement & participation accross all races in my organization?

How are inclusion & diversity initiatives performing?

Concerns on Privacy


Objective engagement data on gender gap

Objective data on race gap and diversity trends

Gender Race Engagement Gap. If you don’t measure it, you can’t improve.

No faces stored ever!


Chief Diversity Officer, HR, Chief People Officer

  • Objective measurements of engagement of all your employees, anonimized
  • Insights on Gender &/or Race Gaps
  • Track your organizations progress and the impact of your Diversity Equity Inclusion programmes
  • Insights on Gaps as a competitive tool to attract & retain talents

Managers, Professors

  • GREG score: Gender Race Engagement Gap: Discover unconscious bias.
  • Real time feedback on audience engagement, by gender & race
  • Keep all talents evenly engaged accross genders, races and ages
  • Dashboard, reports & analytics

Employees & Students

  • Personalized feedback on your engagement, emotions & attention to improve your participation
  • Compare yourself to your colleagues
  • Follow your own evolution over time