Road Hero

AI created for the good of the world. Learn about our initial plans in the development.

We believe that with today’s advanced computer technology and artificial intelligence, humans can and should co-exist peacefully with animals, even on man made roads.

Two billion vertebraes are killed on the road every year, causing billions of dollars of damages and injuring loved pets of families all over the world.

We want to create a product that will decrease the number of animal deaths and damages that occur. Our AI will be able to detect a broad range of animal species that appear in front of vehicles and allow humans to detect animals faster and more accurately.


For our product vision, we believe there is a need for smarter dashcams: cameras with embedded vision AI running on specialized chips, with the ability to detect the most frequent species of animals, from large mammals, to birds, reptiles in real-time, providing both an alert to the driver and generating custom noises to scare off the animal ahead.

We want to collaborate with people who care about the mission to save animals and people from tragic accidents, and those who are passionate in combining technology and ecology. If you’d like to help in our mission to help animals all over the world, apply for the job openings below and join our fight to save lives.

VP Engineering – you will be responsible for building our tech platform, testing our AI models with real-life scenarios, building apps with vision AI models, and deploying them in Third Party camera manufacturers.

Data Scientist – you will create the first datasets, specialized on common species, then growing into more & more species, to help build our first AI models.

Chief of Design – you will create impactful and visually appealing communications: our brand, visual identity, graphic design, multimedia, video.

In addition to developing vision AI to prevent accidents, we are also trying to get a better understanding of the size of the problem such as where and when do animals often get injured by using vision AI on video footage collected by a network of partners & customers. If you want to contribute to help us tackle the problem, please reach out to [email protected] and we discuss ideas.

Our Team

Chandra DeKeyser

Founder & Chief of Strategy