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Welcome to the forefront of emotional technology. Our suite of solutions, including an intuitive Emotion Detection AI Web SDK, custom AI & AR solutions, and innovative apps, are designed to seamlessly integrate emotional intelligence into your digital ecosystem. 

From enhancing user experiences through real-time emotion analysis to developing bespoke applications tailored to your unique requirements, our technology is here to revolutionize the way you connect with your audience.

MoodMe Product Suite

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“MoodMe helped us refine our messaging, grow our audiences, and amplify our mission to create real, positive change.”

– Guillaume Cabane, Unity Customer

MoodMe Product Suite

Emotion Detection AI


Face AI Emotion Detection Engine

Emotion Detection: Automatically detect happy, surprise, afraid, angry, disgust, sad, neutral

Demographics Detection: Automatically detect gender, age, ethnicity, hair

Identification: Face Matching

Unbiased AI: Our AI is unbiased, pulling from diverse datasets. This ensures balanced insights, not skewed by stronger or dominant data sources.

Privacy: No faces are stored – ever – ensuring your users’ privacy and trust are never compromised.


Events Insights Platform

MoodMe’s cloud-based Events Insights Platform offers an advanced solution designed to empower our clients with deep analytical capabilities. The platform is specifically tailored to analyze, understand, and interpret the myriad behaviors, patterns, and engagement levels of users.

The platform’s core functionality revolves around real-time analytics and detailed event tracking, which allows for the monitoring of user actions to a granular level. By leveraging this data, clients can identify trends, anomalies, and user preferences, enabling them to make informed decisions that enhance user experience and engagement.

Security and privacy are also paramount, with MoodMe ensuring that all data is handled with the highest standards of protection. This commitment to security means that clients can trust the platform to manage sensitive user data responsibly.

Seeking Custom, Tailored AI & AR Solutions for Emotion Detection?

Dive into the future of emotion analysis with our bespoke AI & AR solutions. Our cutting-edge technology is designed to understand and interpret human emotions with unprecedented accuracy, offering innovative applications for customer service, retail, education, and beyond.

Whether you’re looking to enhance user engagement, improve emotional well-being, or gain deeper insights into customer behavior, our team is here to craft the perfect solution tailored to your specific needs. Experience the power of personalized emotion detection technology that adapts to you.


iOS App Suite

MoodMe Emotion Gender Age is an innovative app SDK designed to analyze faces in real-time, offering insights into emotions, age, and gender. Powered by MoodMe’s cutting-edge AI and deep learning neural networks, this app delivers precise and instant analysis, transforming the way we understand and interact with the digital world. 


Android App Suite

MoodMe’s Android app showcases our sophisticated SDK, which analyzes facial features to identify emotions, age, and gender in real-time. Our SDK also offers augmented reality filters, an immersive and interactive user experience. 

Utilizing MoodMe’s state-of-the-art AI and deep learning neural networks, this app provides accurate and immediate insights, revolutionizing our comprehension and engagement with the digital environment.

Android App

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