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Download our game Deep: an emotion learning game

Tokyo Game Show Demo

Download our game Deep: an emotion learning game

Game Synopsis

After a terrible accident, our hero wakes up in a hospital he has no memory of. To regain his past, he is forced to play a strange video game while an unknown AI scans his emotions.

ひどい事故にあった主人公は記憶のない病院で目を覚ます。 過去を取り戻すために、未知のAIに感情をスキャンされながら、奇妙なビデオゲームをプレイすることになった。



We started with a tutorial game called Survival Shooter that uses an open-source derivative called Nightmares as a base. We added our Unity Barracuda Emotions Plugin to detect and record the player’s emotions in the gaming session.

The goal of the game is to use our AI technology as a new and advanced tool for game player testing companies. With this tool, testing companies are able to get a full emotional report timestamped to the gaming session. This allows for the analysis of the following with ease:

  • The player’s mood
  • Boring/unengaging gameplay
  • Intense emotional responses (like fear)

With our program, developers and designers can receive a full emotional report to inform and enhance game development. Our game Deep is supported on Win10, developed in Unity3D, and based on Emotion AI

All the Details

The original game used for reference was very light and clean, but the game’s aesthetic was changed to a darker and distressing atmosphere to make the player feel that an evil AI was watching them. The lighting and post-processing setup was altered, and a distorted image of the detected player’s face was added to the UI displays. Most importantly, we added lights that react to detected emotions. With these and many other additions, we aim to trigger anxiety in the player’s reactions.

At the end of the gaming session, the emotional telemetry is shown beside the player’s inputs to correlate actions to emotions. At the end, a full session screen recording and player voice recording can be implemented to add more meaning to the detected emotions although these tasks can be done with external products/software.